10 Tips to Vamp up Your Bedroom

May 10, 2016

It is important that your bedroom should look beautiful but, more importantly, it should be comfortable and relaxing enough for a good night sleep.

What if you can achieve all of it with simple decorating ideas for your bedroom?

Let’s find out ten different ways in which you can bring commendable differences.

WALLPAPERS: Bedroom is one place that you might want to customize to match your personality. You could paint it all white or Splash some vibrant colors everywhere or simply choose the best available wallpapers and create a theme, the options are unlimited. If your imagination leaves you confused, it is always advisable to consult the interior design experts who can turn your bedroom into a masterpiece.

LAMPS AND SHADES: Choosing the right lighting is like choosing the mood of the room. Bedrooms are best kept dim and simple as its prime role is during the night. A centrepiece for the ceiling and tall headlamps can pump-up a classy look for you master bedroom.

However, most of us have a study cum bed arrangement especially for kids room, in which case lighting should be bright enough for reading.

CUPBOARD SIZE: One of the most important and unavoidable elements in your bedroom is the cupboards. Size and design of cupboards and cabinets add a lot to the total outlook of your bedroom. Covered cupboards with sliding doors are best to optimize space.

We have unique design ideas for space saving cupboards which can be customized as per your requirements.

BLINDS FOR WINDOWS: While light curtains will help you keep the room airy and bright during the day, they may restrict your privacy at night, particularly if the windows have plain or tinted glass. Go for blinds instead of cloth curtains will not only serve better but also bring a contemporary style to your room.

However, care must be taken while choosing between vertical or horizontal blinds as well as its material. You are always welcome to discuss with us for the right choices.

BED TYPE: The highlight of any bedroom is the bed, the centerpiece of the room. It is also the furniture that takes up most of the space. Today, different types of cots are available in the market that can double up as storage. If you are looking for saving the available space in your room, Murphy (pull out) beds are the new trendsetters. Also, bunkers are creating new ripples in designing kids room.

PHOTO FRAMES: what’s better than having your photos on the wall for personalizing your bedroom space? Innumerable DIY photo ideas are available at your fingertips, but care must be taken that you don’t go overboard. You could end up with a cluttered wall otherwise. A big single piece photo frame of your family or a cluster frame is always a safe choice. Smart quotes and witty one-liners framed on the walls are also an in thing.

MIRROR: How can you make a small bedroom look larger? Mirrors – the answer is as simple as that. Besides reflecting more light and making the room brighter, mirrors can make the room appear larger in size too. Bigger the mirror, the better it is. It will function as your dressing aid as well.

FALSE CEILING: Though it is not a new thing in the field, it’s definitely a new a new addition as the element of style statement. In case you wish to find out more, Domely interiors and the best at providing top notch false ceiling designs as part of our services.

INDOOR PLANTS: Bring in the fresh vibes by using small pot plants. It will make the room look cozier. Whilst money plants are more a feng shui option, flowering plants are also good options. There are a lot of exotic decorative plants available in the market that can spread positive energy in the room.

CARPETING: Usually, the floor gets the least attention during decoration but the fact is that the right kind of carpet or rug can instantly make the room feel rich. Carpeted floor is not easily managing but it sure has its own benefits. A larger velvet/furry carpet in front of the bed can easily make the room look larger in size. Consider the available space and shape of the room before choosing the right carpet.

Unlimited Ideas and Design choices make you confused. Just leave the hard work to us, and we will turn your bedrooms into iconic ones while you relax.