8 Vertical Garden Ideas for your Apartment

August 8, 2017

Everybody loves some greenery around us. The freshness and soothing sight of lovely plants create an aura of peace and relaxation in our home.

What if our yard is too small for an elaborate garden or if we live in an apartment with small balconies? Just like the saying goes, where there is a will, there is away too.

When you have limited horizontal space, you build vertically. That’s right !!!

Vertical gardens are trending in and they give you ample opportunities to grow not only small flower plant but also to create a vegetable garden for your homes. They can be designed to optimise the available space at the least cost.

So here are a few ideas to cultivate your living art piece and display greenery.

Stackable Pots: quite easy to install – this technique requires flower pots of different size that can be stacked on top of the other. Place the biggest pot at the base, fill with soil and place a slightly smaller pot in the middle.

You can plant herbs and small plants around it and repeat this step with smaller pots on to of the next. This needs no drilling or screwing or other carpentry works and saves a lot of space in the balcony too.

Vertical Pallet Garden: Install a pallet vertically against your wall and hang small pots or plastic tubs on it in multiple layers. This method helps you build a green wall too.

Ladder structure: A unique yet creative way to turn an unused ladder is to turn it into your vertical garden. Attach planters to it and grow all types of plants you wish. customise this idea by adding wheels at the bottom so you have a portable garden.

You can also construct steps with firm wood panels or other materials and arrange your flower pots on it at different levels.

Pyramid Tower: This technique is a combination of ladder and stacking methods. Have a pyramidal structure made or customised on which you can plant or place pots and tubs. You can also try cubical structures for the same. These will occupy much less space when compared to traditional gardening.

Rain Gutter Garden: get that extra gardening space by attaching rain gutters along the walls of your balcony or fences. You can grow small plants and herbs which don’t have deep running roots. If done creatively, they can be a stunning piece of work.

Mason Jar Pots: Turn your empty mason jars into your plant pots. Many herbs, leafy vegetables, and small flower plants or cactus can be easily grown in them and can be placed on shelves or windowsill. They add beauty to your indoors when well placed.

Suspended Garden : attach strings to your planters and hang them from your roof. You can also screw curtain rods by your balcony and hang flower pots this way. Orchids are usually grown this way. Quite convenient and eye catching.

Recycled Soda Bottle Garden: An amazing DIY method of converting soda bottles into pots. Attach them to the walls, fences, balcony railings and your vertical garden is ready.