Bedroom Interiors

Utilising the existing space and carefully designing your bedroom that talks about your personality most is what we do at Domely.

wardrobe interior

We plan and work up with every inch of your wardrobe with precision. After all, your wardrobe is one place where you store all your belongings. Proper use of every inch of your wardrobe to organise your precious belongings is all we do. Your satisfaction, in the wake, is our objective.

Electrical False Ceiling

False ceilings are often used as a part of interior designing to give an appealing look to your building. They are installed a layer below the main ceiling thereby reducing the volume of the room that needs to be cooled. They are known for their light weight. We deal with gypsum and mineral fiber.

Gypsum ceilings

Gypsum ceilings are used in banquet halls and in business meetings hall which gives dignified attire to the halls.

Mineral false ceiling

Mineral false ceiling is quite common and used in shops, canteens, BPOs and software companies.