How to decor your office reception on a budget

Dec 27, 2018

So you have finally decided to restore the look of your office reception, well did you have any plan set to go with? If you don't have any ideas about how to design your office receptions to make it a welcoming space then going with this article will be the ultimate solution right now.

Considering the furniture in your reception area

It is very essential to look at the furniture in your reception area. When you are considering this option you need to be very much focussed with the reception chairs. Make sure to estimate the number of chairs that you request in your office. It is unnecessary to go with more chairs when you do not have so many employees, it will take on more space.

Measure your furniture

What looks odd is big size furniture in your small reception area. So whatever you do make sure that you measure your furniture before you bring it in your reception area so that it fits well. In order to make this step convenient for you, you can consider taking a blueprint of your reception area.


Well once you have bought all the necessary furniture for your office reception, it’s time to decorate your space. Considering the decoration in your reception area will give an elegant look to space and will certainly add warmth to the look.

Consider plants as an option for greenery

Well if you are a nature lover then you can add some plants to your office reception space. Not only they will circulate the air around but also they will give a stunning look to. Going with green plants can be one of the most inexpensive ways and yes they can grab the attention of many.

Painting and photography

Painting and photography are the best decorating items in any areas. If you consider this option for your reception then also it will not be a poor idea. However, it is recommended to go with photographs that are sophisticated yet professional ones. Your choice will reflect the style of your company and so be very careful with the photos that you choose.

To fill the space of your reception tables you can also go with magazines. Provide magazines and other reading things in your reception area so that people have something to go through while they are waiting for you. The best choice of books can be the coffee table books and travel books, these books are loved by all people.

So to make your reception as welcoming as possible you should follow the above-mentioned tips of the article.