How to Keep your Bathroom Fresh? – 10 Ways

February 28, 2018

Bathrooms are the most important place in your home to keep fresh, but again, the most difficult room. It is almost unavoidable to miss out on the odour if you are thinking of an air freshener alone, let me tell you other ways to keep your bathroom fresh.

Let The Air Out

A good bathroom needs good ventilation. A good air flow can cover any embarrassing odour. Use an overhead fan or keep the bathroom window open, not just after using the toilet.

Mop The Floors

All the dirt will end up only on the floor. Mop the floors once a week and the frequency increases if you have kids in your house. Clean the sink and keep the drain area clear to ease water flow.

Use Odour Absorbers

Use odour eliminators or odour adsorbs instead of an air freshener. Natural odour absorbers like white vinegar or baking soda help a great deal to neutralize odours quicker and more efficiently.

Remove Moisture

Shower curtains are rarely dried; they are constantly exposed to moisture. This makes them a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus leading to fungal odour in the bathroom. Avoid using bathroom showers or dry them properly to eliminate odour.

Add A Natural Scent

Keep small saplings by the window or keep a basket of pine, rose petals, spices, and citrus peels to furnish a pleasant smell. Scented candles can also be used for the same.

Keep Air Purifying Plants

Plants grow well in moisture environment and they are best to create a natural odour, even better when they are air purifying plants like different kinds of palm trees, orchids, and peace lilies.

Avoid Soap Bars In The Sink

Most antibacterial soaps have an odour that put you off. In the sinks, use liquid soaps with a nice smell. This will not only help you keep the sink and countertop stay cleaner but also prevent harbouring bacteria.

Think of the storage

To prevent spillages and dust build up due to overflowing products that are kept out, plan out your storage or put them in a container to categorize them according to your need and necessity.

Opt for white tiles

Even though it sounds scary, do them! It will make you involuntarily clean the space often and give you a fresh, clean and neat look everytime you walk in. Afterall you are going to walk in often!

Sanitize everything

From your bathroom towels, shower, window curtains, rugs, and mats to the cleaning sponges you use, wash them and sanitize them regularly. By this, you eliminate 98 percent of the bacteria, eventually cleaner and fresher bathrooms.

You can prevent most of the health hazards by keeping your bathrooms clean and fresh. Adopt a regular bathroom cleaning routine and follow them.